Who We Are

A message based fashion brand who sees streetwear as more than just clothing but as an artistic form of expression. It is a means to deliver a message, facilitate giving back to our community and incite conversation around the things our young generation strays away from addressing. 

Led by Creative Director Luis Galilei, Feliche brings forth a quality cut and sew product whose limited production makes each unit a rare peace of valuable art. (Fe-lee-che) is born from the idea of not belonging, the strike through represents a word that should be removed. Yet, it has made it on to the garment, it has made it on the final product. Therefore, like many things in life, fashion is perception and we must learn to see things from all angles.

We stand by our community and giving back. Each piece sold will give 10% of it's profits to organizations that promote education among our youth . The equation for progress within our country is (Education + Empathy = Understanding). Remember PEMDAS.

The masters of this world are those who remain students...